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PAST Partnerships
Dedicated to supporting the gaming industry.
Video game culture is a form of new media that has increased exponentially in popularity over time and has a significant influence on pop culture. Video games enrich lives, and build communities — in-person and virtually— and continues to evolve as the new products re-imagine new experiences. Explore C-Tribe x Gaming Partnerships here.
ERIN, which is funded by Alberta Innovates’ Regional Innovation Network, exists to help entrepreneurs start and grow innovative businesses. Together, we are creating a Regional Innovation Network (RIN) that is accessible, inclusive of diverse thoughts and ways of doing, and meets the needs of the innovation ecosystem.
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Meet Me Downtown invites Edmontonians to take advantage of downtown’s many activities and attractions through a combination of traditional and digital advertising and curated experiences with Edmonton personalities.
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Chreative Gaming offers a place where everyone that wants a competitive community can gather. Whether it’s participating, chatting, discussing or maybe even giving new ideas for the next highly competitive game, everything is possible when you’re part of the community.
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Natural art inspired by the Galápagos by bringing light and life into commercial and residential spaces through the design, consultation, installation, maintenance and retail of aquariums, paludariums, living walls and other unique living features.
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Interactive Arts Alberta is a non-profit founded in 2015 that supports game development and games culture in Alberta. This includes the talented Albertan creators who make video games, board games, XR experiences and support a diverse, robust, sustainable industry — province-wide. IAA supports game creators at all levels, from AAA, indies, educators, and even students. If you want to see game and technology development in Alberta grow, Interactive Arts Alberta wants to help you.
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Edmonton Unlimited positions Edmonton as an inclusive global innovation capital, supporting innovators as they create companies and solutions to solve the planet’s toughest challenges.
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