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Harness your knowledge and skills to build the best game possible. In less than two days.

The C-Tribe Game Jam (CTJam) is a FREE event where the most-savviest game makers gather for a 2 day, game-making binge. CTJam attracts a mix of artists, hobbyists, students, and professionals. For some, it’s an opportunity to try new ideas, for others it’s a chance to focus. For everyone, it’s a grand old time.

Explore gaming culture

CTJam is A hybrid competition AND a casual Jam.

 It’s a learning experience with a crazy deadline.

There are two tracks to the CTJam:

1) Challenger Jam – Join in by yourself or with your team up to 5 and challenge yourself by respecting the theme of the game jam and by being judged on more aspects of your game.

2) Casual Jam – Come in with as many people as you want and explore your creativity by making a game with your friends in less than 48 hours, with no constraint. The only rule is to have fun!

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"5 days of creativity and diversity await at the C-Tribe Festival." - StartupBeat

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! When it comes to assets you can use them as long as they follow these guidelines.


  • You have the rights to use them.
  • The asset is general purpose. (Things like character controllers )
  • Write which assets were made before the jam in your description.
  • Credit any assets you don’t own in the description.
  • As for ideas, you are free to plan out your game before the jam starts, and also remember the theme!

The majority of your game should be made during the jam, premade assets are an exception to this and can be made before the jam starts, following the guidelines stated above.

You will have the option to enter the Challenge Jam or the Casual Jam. The Challenge Jam you will earn more points if you follow the theme constraints, while in the Casual Jam you can create whatever kind of game you want. The theme for the Challenge Jam will be announced at the beginning of the Game Jam on Friday, July 22nd at Noon MST. 

You will have from Friday, July 22nd at Noon MST to Sunday, July 24th at 9 AM (45 hours total) to create your game and submit it to the jam. After that there will be a rating period that will last another four hours until Noon MST before we announce the results. During the rating period, submissions will be locked – no bug fixes allowed. This is a game jam, it’s not supposed to be perfect!


Not at all! If you want to use public domain art/sounds or the like, that’s entirely fine. And we encourage jammers to team up, too! You can have a maximum of 5 team members.

To an extent. The spirit of the jam is that you make something new, not rejig an existing game to fit the criteria.

No, unless it is a severely game-breaking bug. If this is the case, please contact the organizers on Discord. They will review on a case-by-case basis. Please playtest your game both in engine and as an export on your itch.io game page!

Yes, you can but you will get rewarded the longer you are at the facility where the GameJam is happening. 

You will be able to submit your game on Itch.io. We will have guidelines on how to do so closer the event. 

Your itch.io game submission must be playable via Web Browser, PC, or Mac.  Basically, just make sure the judges will be able to play it either directly on itch.io or through itch’s desktop application.

Yes, you will be able to participate virtually! You won’t however, get points that are rewarded for in-person attendance during the Challenger Jam.

  • Do not disclose personal information about anyone other than yourself 
  • Do not advertise services, software, or other prods
  • Treat each other with respect 
  • Be mindful of your speech and behaviour towards others, especially when disagreeing 
  • Harassment or abuse of any form will not be tolerated 
  • Use appropriate profile images and names
  • Do not send unsolicited private messages to anyone 
  • Do not share or include in your game any sexually explicit, racist, sexist, or otherwise disturbing content
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